Men's Round Neck Half Sleeve (Velveti) (Offwhite) – Neva Clothing India

Men's Thermal Round Neck Half Sleeve - Off White (Velveti)

VT02-Off White-75
Rs. 659 Rs. 458

Neva Velveti is a product built with sueding technology for providing more warmth and smoothness and is one of Neva's premium Thermals. These thermals have an in-built temperature regulation mechanism, so it does not matter if the winters are mild or severe, the thermal will prove useful.

Size :
Slim Look- This Thermal is designed to give a slim look without the worry of sores.
Skin Friendly- This warmer uses soft cotton-rich fabric which makes it Skin-friendly, Light weight, Stretchable and serves as a perfect agent to give a slim look.
Men's Thermal Round Neck Half Sleeve - Off White (Velveti)
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