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Can You Wear Thermal Clothing in Summer? A Guide to Staying Comfortable All Year Round

As the scorching heat of summer approaches, it's natural to want to shed those layers of clothing and embrace lighter, breathable fabrics. However, have you ever wondered if wearing thermal clothing during the summer is a viable option? Surprisingly, it can be! In this blog post, we'll explore whether you can wear thermal clothing in the summer months, how to do it right, and where you can shop for the perfect summer-appropriate thermals.

Is Summer Thermal Wear a Thing?

Certainly! You generally wouldn't want to wear thermal clothing during the summer months, and here's why:

  1. Purpose of Thermal Wear: Thermal clothing is designed to provide extra insulation and warmth during cold weather. It's made from materials that trap body heat to keep you warm. Wearing it in the summer would defeat its purpose since you want to stay cool in hot weather.
  1. Comfort and Breathability: In the summer, your body needs to release heat to cool down. Thermal clothing, being designed to retain heat, can make you feel excessively hot and uncomfortable. It tends to be less breathable than summer-appropriate fabrics, causing you to sweat more.
  1. Material Matters: Thermal wear is typically made from fabrics like wool or synthetic materials that are not well-suited for hot and humid conditions. These materials can trap heat and moisture against your skin, leading to discomfort and even skin issues like heat rash.
  1. Alternatives for Summer: Instead of thermal wear, opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen during the summer. These materials allow your skin to breathe and help you stay cool. Loose-fitting clothing in light colors also helps reflect sunlight and heat.

Choosing the Right Summer-Friendly Thermals

When it comes to wearing thermals in the summer, you'll want to opt for lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking options. Here are some key features to look for:

  1. Material Matters: Choose thermals made from materials like merino wool or synthetic blends with moisture-wicking properties. These fabrics are excellent at keeping you cool by wicking away sweat and allowing your skin to breathe.
  1. Thin and Lightweight: Opt for thermal garments that are thin and lightweight, ensuring they won't add unnecessary bulk or warmth.
  1. Moisture-Wicking: Look for thermals designed to wick moisture away from your skin, helping you stay dry and comfortable even in hot weather.
  1. UV Protection: Some thermal clothing offers built-in UV protection, which can be a bonus during sunny summer days.
  1. Style Matters: Consider thermal tops with short sleeves or sleeveless options. For bottoms, go for shorts or capris to maximize airflow.

Where to Shop for Summer-Ready Thermals

Now that you're convinced that summer thermals are a smart choice, where can you find the best options? We recommend checking out the Esancia Thermals collection at [Neva India]( Neva is known for its high-quality thermal wear, and their Esancia line offers a variety of options suitable for summer wear. You'll find lightweight, breathable, and stylish thermals that will keep you comfortable during the hottest months.


In conclusion, wearing thermal clothing in the summer is not only possible but can also be a smart choice if you select the right materials and styles. The key is to focus on lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable options that will help regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable throughout the summer heat. So, don't be afraid to incorporate some summer-ready thermals into your wardrobe, and be sure to check out Neva India's Esancia Thermals collection for a great selection of summer-appropriate options. Stay cool and comfortable all year round!

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