Company Profile

Established in the year 1998, Neva’s initial innovative practice still resonate across the thermal inner wear industry to this date. Although Neva gained the indisputable market leader position through it’s innovative and quality products, it has never rested on its past laurels. Neva came in the market with the aspiration of providing unique and international quality clothing lifestyle to every Indian and this thought alone gives it the impetus in going ahead and consistently raising the standards of industrial practices and innovations. The company policy has always been to provide international quality to consumers at Indian prices.

Starting from Ludhiana, Neva has surpassed customer’s expectations, ever since it’s inception, which is attributed to its dedicated and disciplined employees base of more than 1200, wide distribution network across Indian sub – continent and more than 300 channel partners who have associated to help us gain a retail base of over 7000. Our products also find market overseas.

Now’ Neva is evolving into the whole new concept, “CLOTHING FOR LIFE,” a revolution in the context of clothing and dressing. Clothes have been our companion in exploring the outside world. And there comes ‘clothing for life’ which has been our root thinking. Hence, we come with best innovative technology in clothing that accompanies you in your everyday outing to make it lively and fun.

Today Neva primarily operates in six categories namely: Thermal wear, Active wear, Sweaters, Jackets, Inner wear and Lingerie for men, women and kids. Neva Mod quilt, Neva Esancia, Neva Velveti, Neva Mod wool, Neva Sofit, Neva Stile, Live free, Neva Maxx, Feona Jersey, Neva Miss, Neva Mint are some of our top brands.

Sensing the changes, the market is undergoing and anticipating future selling trends; Neva has strategically decided to foray into Large Format Stores and Multi Brand Outlets. As the portfolio of products of the company is increasing rapidly, it is considering showcasing the range in Multi Branded Stores through a special counter. This will enable this customer to see and choose from the large range of the brand’s products. The future holds tremendous opportunities as Neva moves from one milestone to the next and going to include more than 100 franchisee and planning to take the number of 300 stores.